Trailers för DOOMED!: The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s “The Fantastic Four”


Det var redan 1994 som den legendariske b-films gurun Roger Corman producerade en av de första Marvel filmerna. Det var en långfilmsadaption av The Fantastic Four, vilken vid den tiden aldrig såg dagens ljus. Dock har den funnits som bootleg och funnits ute på nätet och genom åren fått lite av en kultstatus. Har själv sett filmen för massor av år sedan, inte den bästa av filmer, men väl värd att släppas så alla kan se den!!

Regissören Marty Langford har skapat en dokumentär kallad DOOMED!: The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s ”The Fantastic Four” , vilken ger oss historien om själva filmen, de inblandade och alla problem som uppstod med filmen och själva släppet av filmen.

Här kommer en förklaring till varför dokumentären blev gjord, och sedan kan du kolla i två trailers för dokumentären här nedanför.

There are 336 names in the end crawl credits of the 1994 film, ‘The Fantastic Four’. And though owners of the bootleg version of the film may appreciate them, the artists and craftspeople who created the movie have never been properly recognized.

And that’s too bad.

‘The Fantastic Four’ has never been viewed legally by anyone in the world, other than those directly involved in the production. The negative presumably sits, to this day, on some shelf in some facility, both gathering dust and fated to become it.

So – what are we going to do about that?

For starters, we have interview commitments from EVERY principal cast and crew member. And based on the pre-interviews we’ve conducted, this documentary is going to be explosive!

-When did the cast and crew discover the film would be shelved?
-What changed from script to production based on character rights (just who *is* The Jeweler?), budget, and time constraints?
-How much control did Marvel wield over the movie? Before it was made and after it was shelved?
-Is a legitimate release still possible?
-Who are today’s A-list actors who auditioned but didn’t make the cut?

For the first time in over 20 years, the TRUE account of this controversial cult classic will be revealed!

And it’s a hell of a story.

Läs mer om mig på min Om-sida.

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